Wednesday, July 22, 2009


So I am really behind in my blogging. There are lots of things that I normally share that I just haven't gotten around to lately. One of them is my attempt at gardening. These first few pictures are old, they are from May at our old house before we moved. This is a mixed container with mint and catnip in it. I had this plan to put cat grass in the front so that my cats would have one box they could play in without getting in trouble. That never happened.
This is my cherry tomato plant back in May, I got three this year. Sweet 100's again.
This is my container with sage and lavender. Not looking so hot here.
My little basil starts.
And some African Daisys with a great shot of Joe's garden in the background.

And then Josh died and we moved and life got a little crazy. And the weather got really nice. And I got in a fight with a clerk lady at Walmart and ended up with a bunch of plants (that were getting thrown away) for really cheap. Don't worry, I didn't take pictures of all of the plants, just a few. More later.This is the basil from above. And I have been eating it as fast as I can stand it. Anyone got any amazing recipes that call for basil?
Salvia (it was a Walmart rescue, and the hanging basket was free on Craigslist)
That sage in the container that I had back at the old house? It went a little nuts and had to be relocated to free hanging basket where it can't kill any other plants.
The catnip and mint container I had at the old house? Where I wanted to plant cat grass? It's a little nuts too. Thinking about moving it out into the yard...
When the sage got relocated I had some space to add another Walmart rescue in with the lavender.
This is the front of the yard. I should have taken a before picture but I didn't. Right in front of the deck there were a lot of weeds. Thick. And up to the bottom of the deck. We tore them all out, moved some of the random pavers around, put in the tomatoes there on the left (where I can tie them to the deck), and planted some wildflowers all along in the front. We will see how they do!
These are my African Daisys again. Not sure why the purple one is happy and the white one is done blooming. Ideas?
And some lemon balm that I rescued from Walmart and planted in a free hanging basket. What more could you ask for?

P.S. We are loving having a yard!

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heather jane said...

Your yard looks great, Lauriel! I'm amazed at what you've done given the craziness of your life this summer. Moving, job hunting (and finding!!!), losing your brother. Yeah. I'd say you're doing pretty awesome!!!

No thoughts on the white flowers quitting before the purple. Weird. Sorry!

If you like pesto you could use your basil for that! Pesto is really yummy on a turkey sandwich or a veggie pizza. It's also pretty yummy stirred into potato salad.