Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Jammy Jam

I have a new favorite place. Boxx Berry Farm. We have gone there the last couple years to pick berries, but now that it is 3 miles away, it makes the favorite place list. We missed strawberries this year, but we were right on for raspberries. The farm also has lots of other fresh produce, u-cut flowers, and ridiculously large ice cream cones for the price of a large soda. Did I mention that it is only 3 miles away?

The berries
Making the jam
Washing, sorting, and freezing the whole berries
Almost finished product

Final verdict: Two batches of freezer jam, mashed frozen berries for an addition two batches of freezer jam, two gallon size ziploc bags of frozen whole berries, full bellies, red fingers, and smiling faces.

P.S. We later brought a small container to our landlord, who in turn gave us some extremely large zucchinis, some small turnips, and discussed letting us use a large freezer for more storage. More smiling faces.

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heather jane said...

Nice work you two!!! Rasbperry jam is potentiall the best thing on earth. Besides warm raspberries right off the vines. Nothing beats that. It's just so nice that cracking open a jar of jam can take you right back to a cool summer morning of picking in a heart beat.