Friday, August 7, 2009


So Lauriel wanted me to tell everyone about a little bike trip I did mid-July with my friend Chris. I like him because he is nice and he likes bikes. He had been mapping a route from Seattle to Bellingham and on the day he was planning to do it I was also available. So I went.

This is the interurban between Seattle and Everett. We got up early-430. This is about 600. It was wet.

This is me and my friend, Chris. He also plays a very fine Cello.

After breakfast in Everett we decided our feet needed more hugs. We found a sweet deal on theese socks at an auto store in Marysville. Happy toes.

Happy toes on a bike in the country.

Happy human and toes on a bike in the country.

This is Chris with cows in the background.

We had a small chat with the cows. They were nice.

I like this because it looks like I am going fast.

This is where my computer told us that we hit 100 miles. It was only another 4 or 5 to my house. Yay!

This was a great trip and I would definately do it again. I am trying to cinvince my Daddy to do the STP with me next year. So if you ever talk to him, tell him that he should get a road bike and spend some quality time with his child.

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