Thursday, August 6, 2009

Local Aspirations

My cousin Heather started this amazing challenge last year, Go Local. The idea is to eat at least one meal a week of all local food. Even though I wasn't the best at it last year, I really loved the reminder to pay more attention to where my food comes from and to buy local when possible. I was really excited about participating more this year. But this summer is flying by me and I haven't been doing very well with that goal. But I am thinking about it. And making big plans for next year when we will have lots of gardening space and storage space for preserving. Here is how I did this week:
Last night for dinner we ate zucchini and green beans from our landlord's garden and very non-local chicken breast. It was delicious.For desert we walked down our driveway and picked blackberries.
I munched them right up.
We have started composting all of our kitchen scraps and yard waste. I am amazed at how much kitchen waste I was throwing away everyday and am glad to have a way to try and reuse it.Right now our compost pile looks like this. The kitchen scraps are buried inside. We plan to build a box around it. We have been getting all of our information from the internet, do any of you out there who are actually doing this have any great advice?
We have also started feeding any of our dried bread scraps to these guys. They love it.These gals have been putting out eggs and our landlord has been sharing them freely with us. Delicious.
I have been doing a fair amount of this. And daydream for next year when I can be doing even more.We have been watching these little babies grow.
And wondering when these are going to be ripe so that I can pick them. Anyone know anything about peaches?

So in summary, our eating local life is not very exciting. But we are definitely enjoying being farther out of town, having farm animals around, and eating a little bit more food grown right here at home. And I am definitely excited to plant a full garden next year.

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heather jane said...

It's all good stuff, Lauriel. Thanks for sharing with us. Everyone has to start somewhere and being perfect is not the point. Being mindful is my whole purpose with this challenge. I'm glad you're joining in!