Sunday, August 23, 2009

Priest Lake

Andrew and I went with my family to Priest Lake Idaho for the last of summer trips. Priest Lake is in Northern Idaho. It is a huge, pristine lake surrounded by forests. We got to the lake on a Monday morning, hauled all of our stuff over to a primitive campsite on Kalispell Island and stayed there for 10 days. We didn't have great weather the first part of the trips, but there were plenty of breaks in the rain to get some playing in. The last 3 or 4 days were gorgeous and hot and we left feeling like we got our share of sun.
Highlights in short order:
  • Alec improved quickly at wakeboard and can clear the wake now.
  • Andrew improved a lot at slalom skiing, he looks really good now.
  • We all sailed lots on the new sailboat. Thanks for picking such a fun birthday present to share with us Dad!
  • Emma learned to wakeboard.
  • We read lots of books.
  • Alec learned to slalom ski.
  • We perfected the art of s'more making.
  • Emma learned to ski.
  • We took naps and played yahtzee.
  • We swam and bathed in the water.
  • We went to Upper Priest Lake for a picnic and boat ride.
  • We went hiking and picked wild huckleberries that we ate in our pancakes for breakfast.
  • We talked and ate and enjoyed each other's company. I am sure I am forgetting something else fun we did. Let's just say it was hard to come back!
We took way too many pictures to share them all. Having the new camera made for lots of playing around. I went through and picked just my favorites and there are still an excessive amount. I also forgot how silly blogspot can be and I uploaded the pictures in a funny order. Sorry about that!Andrew's gorgeous eyes. He posed for this.
Andrew showing me his food.
Andrew and the skull. Yes it's real. There was a mostly full skeleton on our beach. Before Orion dragged it apart. And, by the way, Emma took this picture. She did pretty good.
I think Emma also took this one of Alec's muscles.
And this one of herself.
And this picture of the polaroid that she took.
Alec and Andrew made this image.
This is me.
Dad being proud of his new sailboat.
Mom worshipping the sun.
Can you see me in this picture? And doesn't Alec look long?
Smiley mom.
Scary face Emma.
Scary face Alec.
I took this one. It's Andrew.
We also got some video. I will post that soon.
Alec, you got some good faces!
Emma learned to wakeboard.
And to ski.
She doesn't look nervous at all does she?
That's because her dad gave her some careful coaching ahead of time.
We got some good reading in.
Alec shot a gun.
So did my Dad.
And Andrew.
The boys climbed some rocks.
Emma climbed part way up.
They liked looking down on us!
We had a family church meeting in the woods. It was good.
It made Andrew really happy.
Me and Emma too.
And Alec.
Dad was pretty happy himself.
Somehow not much of our happiness carried over to the group photo.
Rachelle and Taylor drove 13 hours each way to spend 3 days with us. And they had to drive home on their one year anniversary. Thanks guys! It was good too see you!
Taylor chopped lots of wood for us.
This is Andrew and Taylor making cedar planks to cook fish in case they caught any. I was sad they didn't. Next time.
Rachelle went on a sailboat ride and froze to death.
Orion liked to steal towels to sleep on.
This is my dad. He did a lot of work to get us all there. We really appreciate it Dad!
Me and Emma.
Emma learned to drive Evinrude.
And she sailed. I think it made her happy.
This is Alec learning to sail.
Emma checking if it was still raining.
Boys on boat.
A great photo of Jane Pain the Great.
Me and Rachelle and a rainbow.
Me cheesing for a rainbow.
Dad on bridge at Upper Priest.
Alec in the river. With a beanie on.
Girls legs soaking up the sun.
Look at those feet.
Boys hitting rocks with sticks.
This is my mom. She was cold on the boat ride.
Fire. Hot.
Dad controlling fire.
Emma cheesing at the rainbow.
Rainbow, rainbow, rainbow.
It really is beautiful there.
Orion. With part of that previously mentioned skeleton.
Sailboat and sauna. And some cool clouds.


Emily said...

What a great trip. I wish that I had been looks like you guys had a wonderful time together.

Thanks for your comment on my blog...I really love that quote!

Love you.

Anonymous said...

Looks like it was fun!!! I LOVE LOVE LOVE the picture of Uncle Steve all by himself....the one up close where he is smiling.

Thanks for sharing!