Thursday, August 6, 2009

Three Days at the Beach

Prepare yourself for a lot of pictures because I am not feeling like throwing any pictures out.

We went backpacking for three days and two nights on the Washington Coast. We started at Third Beach, just south of La Push, and hiked south for about 7 miles to Toleak Point. We camped there for two nights before we turned around and headed back. We originally had planned to do this trip for the weekend of Josh's accident, and just hadn't found time to reschedule it for now. I am so glad we did it. It was perfect. Get ready for some pictures!
Andrew on the ferry ride over Thursday morning. It was early.
The before picture. By the time we got started it was around 1pm Thursday afternoon.
We did a lot of hiking a long beaches that looked like this.
This is us taking a picture of ourselves.
We didn't really have any rain, but we did have quite a bit of fog and mist on Thursday. But it was nice and warm, probably in the 70's, which felt perfect after the scorching hot weather we had been having in Seattle. The trail was an adventure to hike. A lot of it was along the beach. But you had to watch the tide or you wouldn't be able to round some areas. Sometimes you had to climb up into the woods and hike in the trees for a ways.
Sometimes the way up looked like this.
And sometimes it looked like this. If you know me, it is pretty impressive that I did this. But (shh, don't tell) I actually think I had fun doing it.
The hike went really fast. In fact, when we got to Toleak Point, we weren't 100% sure that we were there. So we kept walking along the beach trying to scope out a good site. I think this is a picture of me wondering if we will ever find "the perfect site".
Happy for me, we did find the perfect site. Here is our tent all tucked away in the trees. You can also see the swing that Andrew built.
This is the view from our campsite. I liked it.

What did we do all day Friday you wonder? Here are some of our activities, not listed in any particular order.
Andrew tied some cool knots like the one you see hanging in the tree above our tent. He tied the with rope that washed up on the shore. He calls them monkey's fists. I call them wackerbonkers. The one in the picture above came home with us.
We walked back up the beach and looked at the natural arch, found some more rope, and looked at another rope climb that I didn't want to do.
We found a natural arch all on our own, it wasn't even on the map.
We ate, usually courtesy of Andrew.Andrew built a swing, and then we swang on it.
We pumped water. Well, mostly Andrew did.
I looked up the "river" and enjoyed the view while he pumped.The fog burned off and Andrew worked on his tan while I got burned. Even with sunscreen on.
Andrew climbed around.
And took pictures of me "cleaning up" our campsite. There were many of these random shots that I have no idea what I was doing. Along with cleaning our campsite, we engaged in a little fort building.
And then took pictures of ourselves in various locations around our "home". This is the formal pose on the bench.
This is us snuggling on the bench/wall of our site. You can see another wackerbonker and the beach behind us.
And this is us on the reclining bench. And more rope we found.
This is a nice picture he took of himself while he was sitting on the "reclining bench".
One of our favorite parts about camping on the beach was having a fire.
A ghost picture of me.
And one of Andrew.
We woke up Saturday morning to find this in our pot.
He must have squished in through the little spout.
We also made friends with this little guy Saturday morning. He followed us down the beach a little ways. I swear.

A few of the random pictures we took as we walked along the beach. One of them has a sea otter in it.

And the dirty after pictures.
It was great, we probably want to do it again another year!


Lisa said...

OOOhhh I hate slugs!

Dirk said...

Looks like you guys had a great time. It's good that you were able to do this. Great memories. Thanks for sharing.