Sunday, December 6, 2009


This is a little tribute to all of canning, freezing, and other preserving that will go in our scrapbook. If you want to see the pictures in more detail, just click on the collage. Just a little update on all of those areas:

  • We are still getting carrots, when I am not too frozen to go pull them out of the garden.
  • The chickens are back living in their coop, but they aren't laying. Any suggestions?
  • The herbs are still growing, which amazes me.
  • We went around and cleaned up all of the apples a few weeks ago. The animals ate the bad ones and we cut, cleaned, and hand pressed the still edible ones. Next year I think we would like to try and get out there sooner and use more of the apples. The apple chips we made were tasty!
  • Our compost pile is still going strong, the leaves we raked up really helped it stay warmer.
  • I have been making zucchini bread or muffins fairly regularly and we still have quite a bit frozen.
  • We are almost out of jam and about ready to tap into the frozen berries to make more.
  • The blueberries have been in pancakes and are delicious.
  • The canned peaches are quite tasty alone or in oatmeal.
  • I just started an indoor pot of cilantro and think that I will probably try and start a few more plants inside after our Christmas vacation.
  • Hope you all are enjoying the holiday eating!

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Anonymous said...

Very impressive! I tried my hand at canning more this year and loved it- yes our canned peaches are amazing too! I can't wait till next year to do even more! I may have to get some lessons from you :)! We got your Christmas letter- sounds like you guys are very busy and are doing good- we are so glad! The 5K I did was here in Tacoma called the Turkey Trot- I'm actually doing another in Kent on the 12th- I think I'm addicted :)! Anyway it was good to hear from you guys!