Friday, December 18, 2009


Psst...we are in Mexico right now. These posts are coming on their own.

So when we went to make the previously mentioned jam, we opened our freezer to find a little problem. We knew that a little water had gotten in, but we were lazy and ignored it. When we came back to get out our frozen berries, this was in the bottom of our freezer.
You are seeing the top of a foot square (at least) frozen block of ice. I guess the leak grew. We couldn't ignore it any longer...only because the berries we needed were in the bottom of that frozen block. And we were in the middle of a snowstorm. So our front entry soon looked like this:I did discover a good method of defrosting. You heat up a pot of boiling water. Set the whole pot in the freezer and shut the lid. Come back in an hour and it is steamy warm in there. We didn't lose too much, mostly just the last of a box of skinny cows. Not too bad really. Needless to say, our freezer is now back outside and is covered this time.

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