Thursday, December 17, 2009

Winter Jammy Jam

Last night Andrew and I made this:What you see in that box is really 17 of these:
One for each of the special services staff that I work with in my teaching position this year. We also made 4 for our self as we were running low on jam. My original plan was to also include the principal, secretaries, etc but when I starting adding people up, I quickly changed my mind. This group of people included only the paraeducators and the special education certificated staff that work directly with the kids that I am responsible. Wow, it really does take a whole team. I owe all of these people a huge thanks!


Kimball Family said...

You have too much energy to be so creative all of the time!

Anonymous said...

It does add up. I was thinking I would give all of Olivia's teachers (class, library, music, pe, and so on), office staff, principal.... than I decided you know 2 for each of her class teacher is enough :)! Love the jam idea- you guys are amazing!