Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Not New Year's Resolutions

So Andrew and I don't really do New Year's Resolutions. He says its because we should just being trying to set goals and do new things or better things all the time and not just wait until New Years. This is true and we actually aren't bad at doing this so I will accept that logic. But it isn't really the social norm to share your weekly resolutions during the rest of the year. So I'm going to take advantage of the season and share my current resolutions.

1. Maintain my current health/weight status and keep running. To help us in that goal, Andrew and I signed up for another half marathon at the end of March and started a new training schedule to see if we can get faster. We have a link our facebook profiles where you can track our progress if you are interested.

2. To send more packages and letters. For no special reason, just because we love you. Andrew and I sent some off on Monday and I didn't think to take any pictures. So you may be getting a package any day now. And if you don't, well, you never know when a package may show up on your door.

3. To keep up on my scrapbooking so I don't bog down like I did and still am this year.....I think I reset this goal all the time. The digital thing is making it easier though, so I have hope.

4. To read more books, and not just binge reading. But to get used to reading a chapter here and chapter there as I can. This has never been my style of reading but I am afraid that it is what I will probably have to get used to for more of my adult life. You can see how I do with that here. Anyone got a good book suggestion?

5. And lastly, I started a new blog that I am actually committed to doing for at least a whole year. It is a blog about all the cousin's on my dad's side of the family. There are a lot of us and we are getting so spread out and we don't know each other as well as we used to. I am not writing all the posts, but I am getting other people to share about someone else in the family. I am committed to putting up one post every Sunday about a different cousin, cousin's spouse, or cousin's kid. I have great hopes to expand and include other regular postings, but I will start small and see how this goes. You can check that out here.

So after reading this, I realized that most of these goals are ones that are easily apparent to everyone else if I meeting them. People can see my blogging, scrapbooking, running posts, and will know if they get packages. Maybe this will help me want to keep them. And maybe I should have added finishing my thesis to the list.

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Chelsey said...

Hi! Brian and I just scrolled though your blog. I have to admit, I am not sure who you are but Brian sure was excited to see pictures! I love how the blogging world lets us creep around and keep tabs on each other! Hope all is well!