Sunday, February 28, 2010


This one got herself locked in our landlord's truck yesterday. Probably when I was getting out food for the chickens around 4pm. She was happy to see us this morning. Way better than the thoughts of coyotes, cars, or other miscellaneous dangers that she could have found.

Molasses cookies were made. Delicious. And three trays were slightly burned. That is a record for us. Slightly crunchy is still delicious.

This recent purchase makes me way more happy than it should. King size happiness with a pillow top. A quilt handmade for me by Andrew. Our Christmas light sculpture.


Kevin and Amanda said...

King Bed is still one of my favorite things that we have purchased. Seriously.
I made Chocolate Chip Cookies today.
And hey, myabe I will blog tomorrow...

{z} said...

I LOVE our King Size bed mother in law calls it the "war bed"(a place to plan) and she at random times will call us onto the war bed to relax, share funny stories, and have talks. I think it's a fun tradition.

Mom said...

What a talented husband you have!!