Thursday, March 4, 2010

Animal Therapy

Today was a hard day at work. There was flooding in a few rooms which caused chaos to my semi-organized routine, multiple kid issues, novels worth of paper, and a long list of etcs. Nothing catastrophic but I got home at 5 and was exhausted and drained. So I took myself on a walk and gave myself some spring animal therapy. Taking pictures really makes me focus on what I am looking at (duh) so I brought along the camera to help me stay in the moment and not dwell on the work problems. I included a bunch of pictures (but not all) just in case you needed some spring animal therapy as well. Sorry my pictures aren't as good as the real thing!

These guys were the best. They jumped and frolicked and headbutted and cried and nibbled and were all kinds of silly. And incredibly hard to take a decent picture of as they were running all around under the other sheep. Which got them bowled over a few times. Too bad I couldn't get a picture of that before it got dark. I'll bring Andrew next time. Enjoy!
Then I went to feed the ducks and this guy below decided we were friends. I've been a little leery of him the whole time we've lived here. He is slightly unpredictable. He likes to jump when I come to feed him. And he makes alien noises. And looks like he falling apart. It got worse when he got out a month ago or so and chased me while making alien noises. Then a few weeks ago I thought he died. He wouldn't get up and he stank terribly bad. Worse than the dead skunks on the side of the road. But he didn't die and he seems mostly recovered now. Tonight he just hung out right near me while I was in the pen taking pictures of the chickens who wouldn't hold still. He seemed mostly friendly. Maybe he knows I was actually worried that he was going to die.
When I tried to pet him he got a little huffy and walked off. Maybe we aren't quite at friend status yet.


Kevin and Amanda said...

I totally understand that need to just decompress. Good job for finding a way to do it. Sometimes I have a hard time getting out of the funk and DOING something. I hope tomorrow is less chaotic.

The Garvin's said...

why would you want to pet that thing?