Monday, March 15, 2010

Birthday Parties was my birthday a week ago today. I turned 27 years old. Ancient huh? I have had multiple birthday celebrations now, I really am lucky to have such a supportive, loving family. Thank you all! Here is the first of a few "lucky me on my birthday" posts.

Last weekend, I got to have a combined birthday party with my Poppy. We have been having birthday parties together as long as I can remember. It has been harder to coordinate lately, and I love that we got the chance to celebrate together again. He was celebrating the completion of his 80th year and the beginning of his 81st, I was celebrating the completion of my 27th and the beginning of my 28th year. I love you Poppy!

Here are a few pictures of the party, thanks for taking pictures Andrew!
We had a relaxing, delicious, and way too filling dinner party at home. My mom made some delicious salmon and mashed potatoes, my favorite. And she made all of our favorite desserts, which was very delicious. And way more food than I had eaten in one sitting for a long time. Thanks for the wonderful meal Mom!I got lots of great presents, I felt very loved and cared for! Thanks family!See the excitement?This is what Emma describes as a thing that you can use to buy another thing. That was her hint about what she got me. Love it!Alec's excitement about the things you use to buy other things. Don't you miss being 13?Thanks for the great party, I'm lucky to have you!


Kimball Family said...

Always having parties without me!

Anonymous said...

you are easy to have fun parties with! thanks for appreciating everything.. .MOM

Mom said...

Happy birthday :)