Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Concerto Competition

So I am a terrible wife that I forgot to blog about this sooner but...oh well. Maybe he will be more mad when he reads this and finds out I blogged about it at all? And I know I am going to get all of the details of this wrong, so feel free to correct me.
Last week (or was it two weeks ago?) Andrew made it through the preliminary round of a concerto competition that Western puts on. For the competition, music majors learn a full concerto on their instrument of choice. Wikipedia defines a concerto as a musical work, usually in three parts in which one solo instrument is accompanied by an orchestra. Andrew obviously chose the trumpet as his solo instrument. During the preliminary portion, each musician plays the concerto with a piano accompaniment for a panel of judges. Then 11(?) musicians are selected to move on to the finals. There were so many of each from the woodwinds, strings, vocals, and piano. Andrew was selected as one of the finalists.

Tomorrow night at 7pm in the PAC concert hall is the final round of the competition. The finals are done as a concert with each of the selected musicians playing their concerto for the audience and judges. Then 3 or 4 (I am terrible at this!) musicians are selected as winners. These winners play their concerto, with the orchestra accompanying them, at the Spring Orchestra concert in June.

So good luck tomorrow night Andrew!


Kevin and Amanda said...

Congratulations for making it this far and Good Luck tomorrow!

Anonymous said...

We are rooting for you Andrew. Good luck. Steve