Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Excitement for the day

Just because all of these are in the same post, does not mean that they get equal importance in my life. And no, I did not take all of these pictures. I'm way too lazy for that.

We went running in the middle of the week! This has been hard for us the past few weeks and this was the one night this week that we had time to do it.
We were rewarded by running past one of our landlords pastures down the road and seeing that one of the sheep had lambs. Two of them! And they came running towards us with their mommy. Real pictures of our lambs to come soon, they are adorable! Even Andrew admitted it.
Our chickens laid eggs for the first time in months. They have had some issues lately. There are only two eggs, and they were under the coop instead of in it, and their shells don't look quite right. But we are proud of those chickens and hope they continue in their hard work.
Last to share and definitely top on the list...I'M GOING TO BE AN AUNT (and Andrew's going to be an uncle). Congrats Rachelle and Taylor, we are excited for you!www.rachelleandtaylor.blogspot.com


Kevin and Amanda said...

Yahoo!! So exciting!

Thanks for updating all the fun baby news on the Ward Post.

And I love to run too, so great that you two can do it together!

Emily said...

Happy day! Being an aunt is so much fun. And yeah about the eggs...very exciting.

heather jane said...

Yahooo!! On all fronts. I need to get over to Rachelle's blog.