Wednesday, March 3, 2010


To the people who actually read this:
Do you "follow" blogs?
Do you use a blog reader?
Do you do both?
How do you decide and what do you see as the advantages and disadvantages of them?
How do you keep track of the blogs that you read?

Supposedly, these are the people who read our blog. Thanks guys, I like knowing who out there is reading regularly :)
Amanda Thorn
Kimball Family


Eric said...

I read it whenever you post!!! Love it!

Eric said...

Ok well this is Melissa (graham-davis) .....opps, I forgot to change accounts!! :)

Kimball Family said...

I do both, I look at the one's I "follow" on our blog and keep up with it that way. And then the reader is on our homepage and Taylor just clicks on them to read them. I don't think he'd read them if he had to go look for them. :)

Emily said...

Why am I not on the list...I always read your blog...hum.

heather jane said...

I use google reader. I don't know much of a difference between following and using a reader, except that you can only "follow" blogger blogs and I read a lot of things besides blogger, so I just stick to my reader for the most part. But I'm a devoted follower of you and Andrew!!

Good luck with the recital, too! I sure wish I could be there to cheer you on. It's a big moment.

Robin said...

I have you added in my Google Reader along with all the other blogs, news sites/magazines, and other assorted RSS feeds that interest me. I really like all the features of Google Reader, though perhaps the only disadvantage of using a reader/subscribing to an RSS feed is that you actually have to visit the site to make a comment like this one. Personal blogs make up a relatively small percentage of my Google Reader content, so the commenting issue isn't something that I notice every day.

Anonymous said...

I read it all the time. I don't even know what a google reader is. I just have it bookmarked and go to it. I really love your blog. Love, Mom Ward

Anonymous said...

I get notified of updates via RSS Feed and read using a web browser. I always enjoy it. Love, Dad Ward

Kathy said...

I read your blog but I do not do any of the blog follower stuff. Have not looked into it so I am clueless. I want to stay that way. I do feel all of this stuff is fun and I soooooo love staying in touch with everyone.