Thursday, March 4, 2010

Google Reader

So the post yesterday was not brought on because I was worried that no one read our blog. The post was brought on because I have been looking at our blog layout and getting rid of unnecessary clutter. With that in mind, I was curious if people use that little following option on the side. Or if that if people are more comfortable with using googlereader. Thanks for the responses!

As a reader, I personally love my googlereader. It checks all of my blogs for me...and I have a little gadget on my igoogle page where the new posts show up, right next to my emails, the weather report, and my to-do list. My only complaint is similar to some of yours; it is slightly inconvenient to comment on a post. But I love it and continue to use it because it keeps me from having to click on everybodies page. If you don't know about it you can click here to find out more.

As a blogger, I like the option of "following" a blog. It lets you know who actually regularly reads your blog, which googlereader doesn't. I also like when I am looking at someone else's blog and I notice that someone I know is "following". So I "follow" all of the blogs that are also in my googlereader. But I don't read the posts from blogs through the "following option". And it's hard to keep track of what blogs I am following and which ones I'm not.

Some days, I can't quite tell if all of these gadgets that we use are actually saving us time or more work than they are work.

Don't you wish you could be doing this right now?

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