Sunday, March 28, 2010

Matthew & Carina's Wedding

So I took some time last night and sorted through Matthew & Carina's wedding pictures. And wow, that was a project. There were around 1300 excellent pictures. Which is way more pictures then I need of someone else's wedding. No matter how good they are.

In the end, I narrowed it down to 550 that I am saving, and these 5 scrapbook pages. Not so many pictures of Matthew & Carina (sorry guys, I did save quite a few) and more pictures of Andrew & I having fun. Which is fine as this is the scrapbook of our life and we definitely had fun. And that is very evident from these pictures. The one problem with having a great photographer that is also a family member: people get a little TOO comfortable for the camera. Click on the pages to make them bigger, its worth it. Have a few laughs at our expense. And see if you can find some of my favorite pictures floating around on the blog.

Thanks for having such a fun wedding Matthew & Carina, it was definitely memorable! And thanks Natalie for capturing just how much fun we had!

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Kimball Family said...

I really like your bangs in these pictures...they suit you. :)