Monday, March 22, 2010

Mercer Island Half Marathon

Andrew and I ran our second half marathon yesterday with Carina. Andrew and I were not too excited about it. We have been slacking off on our training schedule. The farthest we had run since the last one in November was 6 miles. And I don't think we had ran at all in the last 3 weeks. Honestly, if we hadn't told Carina that we would do it with her, we would have dropped out. So based on all of our wonderful training, I was fully expecting it to be very painful and that we would have to walk a good portion of the way.

Well, I was only half right. We ran the entire way! It was a beautiful run, a nice course around the perimeter of Mercer Island. My only complaint is the two hills right at the end of the course when I already thought I was going to die.

The time clock as we ran by said 2:24, but listed below are our official chip times. I actually am not sure that I believe them. It definitely felt like we waited to cross the starting line for more than 3 minutes, but maybe I am just a bad judge of time.

Andrew: 2:20:15
Carina: 2:20:28
Me: 2:21:04

So we were able to run faster than our November time of 2:24, crazy huh? But I am definitely paying for it today!
Andrew, Carina, and I waiting for breakfast/lunch at the 5 spot after we ran.

Maybe next year Andrew and I will do another one. We need a break!


Kevin and Amanda said...

I am totally impressed! Will you come down here and do one with me? Just one more, you know you can do it! I need some motivation big time.

Alisa Haws said...

Natalie, Trevor and I are running the salt lake half in 3 1/2 weeks. I am excited...for the training to be over. Ugh. I definitely need a break from racing after this. I didn't know you guys ran... maybe after our breaks we can run one together?

Mom said...

I'm VERY impressed that you beat your 1st half marathon time, in which you trained a LOT for, this time when you really hadn't done much training!! I mean REALLY? AMAZING! Good job :)