Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Orzo Salad

The not-so-new, not-want-to-cook meal at our house is a fresh loaf of Rosemary Olive Oil bread (fancy artisan stuff), a fresh avacado, and orzo salad, all from Haggen. Deliciousness. Tastes good on any night of the week, even when nothing else sounds good. We buy it way too much. And we always say we need to figure out how to make it. It being both the bread and the salad. So I'm starting with the salad. Anyone got a good orzo salad recipe or have any tips about using it?The orzo salad is the one on the left, set in lettuce.

Here is what I want:
1. A good orzo salad recipe. One with feta, olives, tomatoes, roasted red peppers, and a light flavorful dressing.
2. Where do you get uncooked orzo? What kind of package am I looking for and where in the store is this going to be?
3. Any tips on cooking this stuff? Or any other information about it?


{z} said...

I am very curious too!that sounds so good!

heather jane said...

Orzo is with the pasta, which is what it is. You can probably find it in a box. There will be cooking instructions on the package, but the general rule is don't over cook me or i'll turn to mush and gag you.

search for a salad recipe and if you can't find one, look for a good pasta salad recipe and then just use the orzo for the pasta. If you want to make KICK ASS bread, check out Artisan Bread in 5 Minutes a Day at the library and make the basic bread with the rosemary and olive add ins. It's good and once you get your base dough going in the fridge you really do only spend about 5 minutes handling the dough. There is rising time, which could cause problems with regards to work schedules, but for the weekend...winner and it might even work for the week. You have to try this bread. It's better than the artisan stuff in the store. Promise.

Anonymous said...

I will try the orzo as a pasta salad, I bought it in a box up high in the pasta section at Albertsons. Someone brought a sweet fruit salad to a party made with orzo and it was to die for, but I couldn't find out who brought it. (large party) Heather's bread sounds awesome too... ok I am hungry now and its the middle of the night. Laure

Jessica said...

check out

They have a ton of orzo salad recipes...