Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Pan Pan at the Triple Door

Last Thursday night, one of the groups that Andrew plays with, Pan Pan, played at the Triple Door in Seattle. I drove down and met up with Matt, Carina, and Tyler to have dinner and watch the show. They opened for a band called Efterklang, which was really interesting. I had never heard them before. They were very entertaining. I didn't take any pictures or video, but I looked on youtube today and found these. They aren't what I would have chosen to record, as they aren't my favorite parts of the show, but I guess you can't complain when you didn't do it.

This clip is of Pan Pan.

This one of Efterklang.

This one is from the encore where Pan Pan came out and joined them.

It was a fun night with good company, entertainment, and food. Thanks everyone!

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