Saturday, March 27, 2010

Plant Starts

For all of you who have been wondering, our plants starts are going great! We planted them last Friday, a week ago yesterday. These are a few pictures from Tuesday night. We just had a few little starts coming up.
We thought that was really exciting. But by Wednesday night our trays were full of little starts.
By yesterday evening, one week after planting, some of our plants were so tall already that we had to take the lids off the trays. This is what the trays look like this morning.Very fun! We look at them all the time, I swear we can almost see them grow. I wish we had set up some sort of time lapse camera so we could "show" them growing. I really like the little newspaper seed containers. They help keep the soil really moist and that when these little plants go outside, their newspaper wrappers can go right along with them.

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The Harkers said...

I love this newspaper idea! Did you come up with it yourself? Ingenious--it adds up quick to buy those little dirt start thingys