Saturday, March 20, 2010


Andrew is on his Spring Break now and I am not. Which always makes me a little sad. But I took a half day personal day yesterday and we enjoyed spending a day together outside planting and getting our space ready for the ambitious garden we are planting. We got a lot done!

Here are a few pictures of our progress:
This is the space in the front our house...we filled it with compost (of our own making!), garden dirt and we are going to be putting corn in there. 45 stalks to be exact...
We made tons of these fun seed starting containers, thanks for the great tip Mandi!
Here are the 50 we made for starting corn, we added another 25 later and didn't take more pictures.
This is my herb bed starting to come back. I keep just tossing things out there and they grow. But it looks like a mess as the ducks, cats, and chickens all think it is the best place to stand or lay.
My shadow and some the of the wildflowers coming back up.
All the perennial potted plants from last year that are reblooming, and our seed trays. Here is our total seed count at this point:
50 corn seeds-45 to plant and 5 spares
4 zucchini-3 to plant and a spare
4 summer squash-3 to plant and a spare
4 cucumber-3 to plant and a spare
4 acorn squash-3 to plant and a spare
4 spaghetti squash- 3 to plant and spare
4 pepper plants-I will take whatever we can get of these
Me working away
Strawberry plants
Doing a little yard work with the chickens.

Hmm...I am missing a picture of the garden beds that we actually planted yesterday. But it really isn't much to look at yet, so you probably won't miss it. We put in some early carrots, radishes, lettuce, peas, and spinach. We planted a third of what hope to have of each of those. Our plan is to do two more plantings, each two weeks apart so that we can spread out the harvesting and be able to eat more of the food. We still have beans, pumpkins, tomatoes, and a few more herbs that I want to get going. Ambitious first year garden?


Kevin and Amanda said...

Hey, my thought is, if you're going to do it, you might as well DO IT. Let me know how those newspaper things work for you. I need to start some more seeds so I think I will try it. Any tips? PS I wish we could live closer. But if wishes were fishes we'd all have a sea.

Kevin and Amanda said...

ps remind me to tell you about storing veggies. it's still too cold here to plant, but you make me happy that you can do it. maybe we can plant a garden together at the family reunion.

{z} said...

you go girl! i'm so impressed (and a wee bit jealous...but never mind that) and excited for all that yummy food you will have soon!

Cheris said...

Wow I'm impressed too!! We're gonna try a gargen again this year. I'm going to try to keep it small and realistic. The last few times I've tried it hasn't ended well. My first year we got a reat return we just never picked anything. Last year I failed miseaberly.. This year... I hope it goes MUCH better!!! We're just waiting for our ground to thaw... I can't wait to see how everything grows in yours!!