Saturday, March 13, 2010

Uncanned Chili

This is our new favorite dinner. It doesn't have a name that I know of so I am calling Uncanned Chili. I got the idea from our friend Rachel, who brought it to a class potluck. I added a few touches that I knew we would like. It's easy, cheap, healthy, and tasty. Perfect right?Uncanned Chilli
Chop 1/2 onion and put in big pot
Pour some chicken/vegetable broth in
Pour some salsa in, be generous
Drain two cans of black beans and add to pot
Boil for a while
Smoosh beans with an immersion blender or a potato smasher thing
Add one can of diced tomatoes
Add one can of corn, drained

I always make the sweet corn bread muffin recipe on the side of the corn bread box to go with them. I love those corn bread muffins except for two petty things, which drive me crazy.
1) It uses every measuring cup and spoon that I have.
2) And I hate cleaning muffin trays.
These petty complaints are balanced by the fact that it drives Andrew crazy to watch me make the muffins. I stopped following the directions on the box to mix dry ingredients first, beat eggs separately, and then add the wet ingredients (or is it the other way around?) and I just dump all the ingredients in and haphazardly stir them together. Since doing this, the muffins started turning out better, more consistently moist. This irritates his recipe following tendencies and makes me laugh (I'll be honest).

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