Wednesday, April 7, 2010


We eat a lot of eggs at our house. Not much meat, fish only really. But we eat a lot of eggs. So we have been trying to figure out how to get these lovely ladies below to lay. There are 4 of them. Who wouldn't stand together for their photo shoot. They are getting really friendly, and demanding about their feeding schedule.  And they frequently eat my worms from my compost pile.

Prepare for funny story: About two weeks ago we started getting an egg here and an egg there. The first ones were underneath the chicken coop, and a weird whitish color.   We moved some of the first eggs into the chicken coop to try and convince the chickens to lay. Pretty soon we started getting eggs more regularly. Then about a week and half ago now we started getting 5 eggs a day. We have 4 chickens. Chickens lay an egg every 25 hours. One of the eggs was always white. And we have a duck. Who had obviously been laying in the chicken coop.
After 4 or 5 days of us taking her eggs, she moved her nest over into a deserted metal box, dragged some of the chickens nest builder stuff over, and is currently continuing her egg a day routine. We have seen confirmation of their fertilization (don't ask) and are going to see what nature has happen. According to my google research, she should lay an egg a day for 8-15 days. Then she will sit on the next and incubate the eggs for 28 days. Then ducklings will emerge and I will move to the next stage of my research.
So we are back to 4 chicken eggs a day in our fridge.  And 1  duck egg a day in a nest.   P.S.  This all started happening right after we about somewhere around 5 dozen eggs at Costco.  Anyone need eggs?

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Emily said...

you guys are cool. are you sure you are only 27? You have to be way older to have things figured out so well. I can just say...I am impressed.