Thursday, April 22, 2010

More Peeps

Our peeps are growing ridiculously fast.  These pictures are from last they will be outdated by the time you see them.  They have been living in this bin, which was quite adequate until the last few days.  Then we started to get greetings like this when we came in the room.

It is really hard to catch on camera, but you get the idea.  They are too big for the box.  So we built them a make shift pen with stuff we had around the yard.  In a few weeks they can just run loose.  But for now they are happy outside in their little yard.  And yes our grass and weeds are really long.  It's like a forest for them.  Today was their first full day outside, they seem quite happy still.
While I was taking pictures last night, a plane flew over.  The bottom two pictures show their reaction to a new noise.  Love it.


Kimball Family said...

Haha those pictures made me laugh, I love how they look all confused about the noise!

Emily said... stinkin' cute. I am such a sucker for baby animals of almost all kinds...they are just so cute!

Anonymous said...

Are you serious!! They couldn't have grown that fast - are you sure someone didn't come in during the night and switch them out???? Still cute, though!

while you were a away said...

They are so cute! why ducks? I would have never thought to get ducks.