Tuesday, April 13, 2010

My Peeps

Are growing up so fast.  First, a few photos:
We were trying to get it to stand next to the dish so we could see how much it grew.  It just wanted me to pick it up.
It likes me
Hi Peep
And then, their first swim lessons. Many of the things that I have been reading about raising ducklings said that you would have to teach them how to swim and not to leave them unattended in water as they could actually drown. Andrew had the idea to try them out the bathtub. We started out with only an inch of water or so in the bottom and gradually increased it to make sure they would be ok. The following video is near the end of this entertainment, they were getting pretty tired, but it was still pretty funny.


Kimball Family said...

They are pretty funny. :)

Anonymous said...

too cute. my granduckies... why did the black one swim better than the yellows...? love mom

Anonymous said...

If you are supposed to be teaching them how to swim, why didn't you get in the bath tub with them???? They look like they need help! the other grandma...