Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Plant Progress

These are those precious plants that got started not that long ago.  I keep wondering how long they will last inside and if I started them indoors too soon.  I'm hoping to get a few more things started this week before I go back.
Parsley & Cilantro
One of the projects that did not go as planned, but I think will turn out all right.  I planted these Walla Walla Sweet Onion starts yesterday.  In perfect rows.  Evenly spaced.  And I didn't cover them.  I left the box alone for maybe 30 minutes while I got distracted by a phone call (yes it was you Mandi :)  When Andrew came home and we walked down to the garden for me to show him my handiwork, I had an unpleasant surprise.  The cats had dug a bunch of them up and made it all unpretty.  Litlle cat holes and nests and piles everywhere.  As of right now, everything is replanted, the box is covered, and I think it will all work out.  Just not as perfectly arranged as the first time.  I was not a happy camper for a few minutes.  I guess we will see how durable these little guys are.
Peas starting to come up.
Radishes, lettuce, and spinach starting to come up.  We haven't seen the carrots yet.  Second round of planting went in yesterday.  I can't wait until the eating begins.
Another one of our landlords little surprises.  Beautiful tulips popping up on an otherwise forgotten hillside.  Makes me smile everytime I go to get chicken/duck/turkey fed.
Because I'm a nice mom, I planted a nice bushy catnip plant for my kids while last years are working on coming back.  This is what it looked like after about 5 minutes.  Now I know why last year's plants are having a hard time coming back.
This is one of the culprits.  His name is John.  He follows me everywhere outside.

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heather jane said...

I'm taking a break from the taxes. They are almost done. Yay!

Your seedlings are looking so great. I commend your adventurous spirit for taking on such a huge project for your first garden. One thing I learned last year was that I really had to transplant most of my seedlings into bigger pots before they were ready to actually go into the garden. Otherwise they will continue to flop and break. When you trasplant you will want to put them into a pot large enough for the whole seedling save the top main leaves to be submerged into the new soil. This will keep them strong enough for transplanting.

I'm no expert, so feel free to verify with some one who has been starting seeds for more than one year, but this is what I was told by a good friend who has been starting seeds for a long while now. This information was also confirmed in my Martha Stewart seed starting book. I purchased small, round peat pots and transferred my seedlings in to them at about the stage where yours appear to be now. By the time the frost chances are gone and you are ready to harden off I fear you may have some very floppy, easily destroyed seedlings. Let me know what you end up doing. I debated not saying anything, since I don't really know for sure and I kind of wonder if I'm wrong...but in the end I would feel really bad if I didn't tell you about the lesson I learned last year and you lost your precious babies. Keep up the amazing work!! I'm so envious of those chickens and all that gardening space.