Monday, April 26, 2010

Quick Takes Monday

Because I don't know when I am ever going to get a moment to sit down and sort through pictures. And I feel like I only take pictures of animals lately.

1. We spent a great Saturday with my family hanging out, going to the dog park, eating, and watching movies to celebrate my mom's birthday and mother's day. And I didn't take a single photo. Which is ok because it was nice just to be together.

2. I went by Josh's grave for the first time since July. And since we put the headstone on. I don't know why that has been a block. I don't want to talk about it.

3. Something is killing and eating our landlords ducks and has gotten one of the chickens. I am getting tired of his lack of animal care that results in them being good food for the other wildlife. Andrew and I are planning on building a chicken tractor this weekend to try and save the three remaining chickens. Landlord is happy to give them up to they are just getting munched. I am not emotionally attached to his animals, but it still feels stupid to see animals die for lack of work on the owner's part. Rant over.

4. Plants are growing. All the starts we had indoors are in the ground and we are hoping to start more. One evening this week. And then another evening I will add more details. Andrew and I ate our first garden radish yesterday. Delicious. Oh, and the carrots are starting to come up too. Thanks for the positive energy on that one Mandi.

5. Peeps live outside permanently. Don't worry their pen is covered, hopefully they won't get munched. They are also getting big kid feathers.

6. Several of you asked why Spring is hard for Special Ed teachers. I won't give you the essay on the woes of the special ed teacher, because I knew all of those going into it. And yes I may rant about them to you occasionally, but really they are manageable. Here are the things that make Spring worse. That keep catching me off guard, but that will happen every Spring. Maybe I will be more prepared next year.
  • There are lots of IEP's (Individual Education Plans) due in the Spring. This happens for each kid on a yearly basis and they all seem to be on a Spring schedule. This happens because a teacher will try everything they know all year, if the kid isn't learning by the end of the school year, then the teacher refers them to special education. If they qualify, they get their first IEP in the Springtime, thus putting them on a spring schedule for rest of their special education career. This equates to lots of meetings and paperwork in the spring.
  • Scheduling for next year. Yes, that is my responsibility to figure out the best schedules for my students. That means coordinating their time with me and their time in general education classes. And who they will spend their time in general education with. Before we know what next year's general education schedule will be.
  • State testing. Accommodations. Modifications. Paperwork. Scheduling of kids and adults. Kids over the top stressed out about taking this because they know how hard it will be for them. Parents worried about their kids being stressed. Administrators and general education teachers worried about scores and AYP (Adequate Yearly Progress, I think). Combined with my negative thoughts about the test. No positive energy about this one.
  • Adults get all worked up about who will have a job for next year and where and who is moving. Lots of energy spent talking and trying to read into things. Energy that kids still need to be spent on this year.
  • Other reasons I won't say in public.
7. This wasn't quick. Sorry.

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