Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Recycled, compostable seed starting containers

I love the containers that we made to start our plants in. I totally stole the idea from another blog that my cousin shared with me. So don't get any ideas that we made this up ourselves. But I am resharing this as my own, mostly so that next year when I forget how to find that blog again...I have the information I need at my fingertips.

Pros of these babies:

  • Reusing discarded newprint
  • You can plant them in soil with the plant
  • Inexpensive
  • They hold moisture well

  • They might not be for you if you prefer 5 minute stops at the garden store to sitting down and making the items you use. Which is totally fine.

Supplies needed:

Newsprint this size

Some kind of twine, a small jam size canning jar, and scissors

What to do:

1. Cut a bunch of lengths of twine that are long enough for you to EASILY tie around the jam jar. Give yourself some extra room. Especially if you have bumble fingers like mine.

2. Start with a piece of newsprint this size.
3. Fold it in half from left to right, so it is like this.
3. Fold in half from left to right again, so it is like this

4. Cut around the edges so that you get loose sheets of paper the size of the sheet about. Set these sheets aside, they will be the bottom of your containers.
5. Fold a new sheet of newsprint in half from left to right like this.
6. The in half from top to bottom, like this.
7. Then in half from top to bottom again, like this.
8. Roll your jam jar over this strip to crease the folds.
9. Wrap the strip around the jar and rub it to get the folds to bend into the round shape.
10. Tuck one end into the edge of the other. This is hard to explain. Can you tell from the picture?
11. Slide the jar into the round and tighten the ring.
12. Tie your string around the paper and the jar to hold it in place later.
13. Take your jar out. You have your outer shell complete. Pull those strips of paper back out so you can make the bottom. I grap the strips from the sides and crinkle towards the middle. Not too tight, kind of a messy bunch.
14. Shove it in your ring, so that is looks about like this. You want it to be full looking.
15. Press your jar in the middle to smash the bottom down. Check that you don't have huge holes in the bottom and nudge a corner if you need to.

16. Repeat! Then line a seed tray with as many of these containers as you need, fill them with dirt and plant away!

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