Monday, May 10, 2010

9 Weeks

Lucy had her 9 week vet appointment today and got a booster shot. She did great and the vet said she is picture perfect! Perfect growth,two pounds since last week. Perfect teeth and nails, and perfect personality. She has been doing great with crate training and sleeping during the times we are at work. Here are a few pictures from around our house the last week to prove it.


Kimball Family said...

I love how close she can lay by the cats without them running away!

Kira said...

2 lbs is so spot on! Especially with these big guys, the slower they grow the better :) :) More time for joints to get strong!

Love you guys, can't wait to meet your puppy.... and just wait until that ball of constant attention requiring fluff turns into your best, most loyal friend :)

IHateToast said...

i found this post from the 8 November 2010 blog hop. i kept hopping around from your "you might also like" options at the bottom. i've enjoyed all that i've seen. we had a lovely harlequin dane ages ago. she was a lovely dog. i miss her while we were at work and the poison set in. seeing this blog and the various posts has taken me back.
she's lovely and filled in those gigantic paws nicely.