Thursday, May 13, 2010


Note:  I uploaded these pictures on Monday and have been trying to organize and finish this post ever since then.  There is no particular order.  Just go with the growing chaos happening around our house :).
The row of different tomato and pepper plants along with the old BBQ full of strawberries.
The long view down the front row of garden boxes.  What you see is:  Carrots, radishes, lettuce, spinach, peas, carrots, radishes, lettuce, spinach, beans, basil, cucumber.
First two sections of peas and their bamboo staking system that Andrew rigged up for them.  There is a third section planted later under the protection to the right.
Close up of some of those same peas from above.  Yes there are grass clippings...the lawn also got mowed this weekend!
Lilacs.  I have decided this year that they are added to my must have flower list.  There aren't many on that list, but these are one of them.  Love them, their color and smell are amazing!
One of the many squashes in tires around the yard.  We have 4 zucchinis, 4 yellow squash, and 4 acorn squash.  We have started 4 spaghetti squash and 4 huge pumpkins inside that will go out in a few weeks.
Our first bowl of salad greens straight from the garden.  Delicious!  This was just a thinning of our first planting, but we should have greens from here on out as we did several spaced out plantings.
In the boxes on the left from the front to the back there is kale, cabbage, cauliflower, and broccoli.  In the boxes on the left from the front to the back there is radishes, spinach, swiss chard, carrots, and sweet onions.
More of those same boxes.
Sweet excited to eat these.
Some of our lettuce still growing.
Our first picking of radishes...this was supposed to be just a thinning, but I think these guys were ready.  They are tasty and we should have enough multiple plantings to keep us going for a while!
This is all corn.  You can't see it super well because of the lighting...but there are around 40 stalks growing.
So after seeing a lot of what is growing around the house...what more do you suggest? We have quite a bit more space.  And water for the rest of the boxes and tires won't be any different than what we are watering now.  So basically it would be a waste not to plant more.  We just needs some ideas.....


heather jane said...

Once that corn gets about knee high, I suggest planting some pole bean seeds to climb your corn stalks. You could grow snap beans or beans for drying and eating this winter. (black, pinto, lima (eww)). Beans are a nitrogen fixer, so they help put back everything the corn is depleting from your soil. If I were you, I'd take it easy on thinking you need to plant anymore...though raised bed gardening is significantly less demanding than traditional're going to have your hands full keeping up with all this produce once it all gets going. If you really can't stand the thought of not going gang busters, put a crap load of roma tomatoes in. They are the best for making sauce and canning. And starts in august. Right about the time all this stuff needs preserving. Oh...and you might consider a berry blackberry and raspberry starts. You can grow those with very little effort in your climate if you don't have some wild in your yard already. You won't see a lot of fruit this year, but you'll be happy, happy next year when it comes time to make jam.

Since you asked...

p.s. your garden rocks!!! I wish we could garden together and compare notes! Oh wait...we can. I love blogs.

while you were a away said...

Wow! Your garden is really growing! our last freeze is later then your so all I have are little sprouts. I love heather's tip about the beans/peas and the corn! will do!