Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Lucy News

Sorry if you hate hearing puppy news!

We are now on our third full day with Lucy, and we are doing pretty well.  So far the schedule juggling seems to be working.  She slept through the night last night in her crate with no accident, we weren't planning on trying that so early, but my alarm didn't go off.  Oops.  When I took her out this morning there was a big possum sitting in our grass right where we are trying to teach her to go.  We chose to move.  

Lucy spent the day at work with me yesterday sleeping in her crate in the car and me getting her out every couple of hours.  No accidents there either.  And she goes as soon as we take her out and then sits and looks up at us.  

I took her to the vet yesterday who gave her a clean bill of health!  Woohoo!  Andrew is spending the day with her today, trying to follow a pretty similar routine to what I did yesterday.  Wish him luck!  

She is definitely getting more comfortable at home and exploring more.  She has tried to play with the cats a few times and has been turned down.  But we have one that keeps trying to take over Lucy's dog bed.  More pictures of that soon.  For now here are a few pictures that Lynne took for me while we were at the breeders.  I was too busy playing with puppies and talking.  Enjoy!
Lucy sitting on the couch playing with the kids there.
Andrew holding Lucy.
Look at that face!
 Lucy amongst the other puppies we were trying to decide between.
 Two of Lucy's littermates
Tyler and Jagger, one of the breeders males dogs.  He's about a year old.


Kimball Family said...

Yikes! That dog is big for a 1 year old! :) You're going to have a big baby very quickly!

Emily said...

Can I steal your puppy? She is soooooo cute. I love her little spotted nose.

Anonymous said...

I like her little pink skinned fat belly. hard to imagine her getting as big as that one in the picture. Get lots of pics while she is little Love Mom