Sunday, May 2, 2010


You could say we were successful yesterday as we ended up bringing home this adorable little lady. Wish us luck the next few weeks as we juggle our schedules, crate training, and house breaking. But for today, we are definitely enjoying this new addition to our family.
She rode on a lap the entire way home.
Until we get her full size crate, she is sleeping in our large cat crate. And it is too big, so we added a box in the back. She is already getting adjusted to it and goes in there to sleep on her own.
She isn't too rambunctious, just short little spurts and then crashes quickly. This is one of those spurts.
And the crash.
For the most part, she just wants to be right with us: following us around, sitting on our lap, being picked up. We are hoping that we can train her to be a little bit more independent, she won't be able to fit on our laps for too long!


Anonymous said...

it is superr cute lauriel i need to see it n person though(= ~Emmma~

Amanda said...

Oh my gosh! Lauriel, I want to play with her so bad. I Love Lucy! ;) I hope I didn't sound like a know-it-all yesterday, after we got off the phone I told Kev "She probably knows more than me anyway, her family has had big dogs for a long time." Sorry. You guys will be fantastic 'parents' for Lucy. Keep us updated on how she is doing. It looks like she is already adjusting well and has a fabulous temperament.

mamabear said...

She is very cute...I guess I should be flattered that you named her after me and grandma ;)

Alyssa said...

oh my! she looks like my dog murphy looked like when he was a puppy! probably not exactly the same type (he was a lab australian shepard mix) but he was all spotted and adorable like that and then he turned into a 100 pound monster :)

heather jane said...

Lucy is pretty cute, and I guess it's in your nature to want a huge dog. I'm just wondering if you will have the no dogs in the house rule your Mom had?

Here's to sleepless nights...I hear a puppy can rival a kid, so it's a good thing they are adorable, right?!!

Kimball Family said...

She's a cutie. I hope she doesn't get too big before I get to see her.