Monday, May 31, 2010

Memorial Day Weekend

Was very pleasantly spent. With not many pictures taken and lots of enjoyable relaxing. I always forget to take pictures when I am really enjoying my relaxing. I do have a few posts planned to share with you, but for now, here is how we spent our five day weekend.

P.S. There are lots of details about what we did with Lucy, mostly because I am trying to keep an accurate idea of how much socialization she is getting. I think she passed this weekend.)

Baby shower for Rachelle, Taylor, and Levi. There were lots of friends and family who came a long ways to be there to celebrate with them. Not enough time spent with each person, but nice just to have a chance to give them a hug. It was a very enjoyable shower, low key and happy, just how it should be. During the shower, Andrew and Taylor took Lucy on the trails in my parent's neighborhood to wear her out.

Track meet for Alec and Emma. It was fun for us all to go and watch those athletes compete. They make it seem so easy to do so well. Lucy came with us and got to meet lots of middle schoolers. She was a little sad that she couldn't run races with them, but quickly learned that it was much nicer to sleep in their laps.

The boys (My dad, Andrew, Taylor, and Alec) played raquetball for a bit while us girls chatted and looked over all the baby shower gifts.

Walk on the trails in the rain with the dogs. Have to have some way to wear out a puppy!

Costco, REI, Target, and Petco. All for nothing in particular, just because it was pouring rain and we enjoy those stores! And yes, Lucy rode in the car and came to Petco with us.

BBQ at my Uncle Rick and Aunt Muriel's house to celebrate my Aunt Debbie's birthday and meet my cousin Bj's fiance, Alisha. She seems great and they both seem very happy together, a welcome addition to the family! Lucy got to meet Rick and Muriel's goats and didn't destroy any furniture, we will call that a success.

Watched Invictus on the lovely big screen at my parent's house, always a nice way to end the evening.

Walked on the trails in the rain with the dogs again.

Played card games as a family and spent our last few hours visiting together.

Andrew and I left and came back to Bellingham.

We spent the evening at his Uncle Dirk and Aunt Lisa's house letting Lucy play with their dog Sasha while we sat in the hot tub.

Costco, Office Depot, The Country Store, and Haggen. Lucy got to ride in the car again so that she could come in the Country Store while we picked a brand of dog food for her.

We took Lucy over to the home one of Andrew's coworkers where she played with a 6 month old Labradoodle puppy.

We walked around the Ski to Sea celebration and got some food while Lucy experienced the crowd. She met a full size Great Dane, lots of dogs, and lots of people. She did great.

Lucy stayed home (crashed hard) while Andrew and I went and spent the evening with some friends.

We enjoyed being lazy while idling figuring out what is left to get done before summer officially starts.

We went to Hovander Park with Lucy. Here she met the same full size Great Dane from Ski to Sea, Alice, as well as 5 or 6 other dogs. She also ran along the river beach and followed us around off leash for a while.

Plan for the rest of the evening...nothing. Perfect! What a lovely weekend, only 2 weeks until this is our life for the summer. I can't wait!


Kira said...

It sounds like you guys are doing a great job socializing Lucy! She is going to be so wonderful (she already is!). It's great that you are doing puppy preschool too or whatever it is called -- if there's one thing I would change about Murph's early socialization it would be to have him play with more other puppies rather than so many adult dogs. He learned from playing with the big boys that being big and a bully can get you what you want! Luckily he outgrew that but it's great that you are getting Lucy lots of playtime with her own age group :)

Kimball Family said...

Wish we could do that every weekend! :)