Friday, May 21, 2010

Puppy Preschool

Our first day of puppy preschool was last night. I don't have any adorable pictures to show, maybe next time. But here is the run down.

  • Lucy turned 10 weeks old on Wednesday, and she can attend puppy preschool every Thursday night until she turns 14 weeks.
  • It is free! Yay for Tails a Wagging!
  • We spent an hour with about 15 puppies, letting them play off leash, getting used to each other and other adults. We also did handling with other people's puppies. Picking them up, laying them on their back, playing with their feet and ears and mouth, and working on bite inhibition.
  • Lucy did pretty well, she was a little shy at first, but not too much. She wandered around and watched lots of puppies play, only getting involved a few times. She was warming up quite a bit by the time we had to go.
  • We will miss next Thursday, so we are going to try and attend a Doggie Social for dogs under 20 lbs (probably the only time she can go!) on Sunday. That way it won't be so long before she gets to play with a bunch of other dogs again.
  • As soon as puppy preschool is over, we are going to start puppy kindergarten!
  • Maybe some pictures next time, it was ridiculously cute to have so many little fuzz balls running around!

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Kira said...

YAY!!! I am so excited that you guys got to go to this.... I think I found out about it when Murph was like 16 weeks old and I was SO bummed!