Friday, May 7, 2010

Quick Takes

...because I don't have the energy for any more.  I have a plan for this weekend to get some things done, so expect more exciting posts coming soon.  But for now, here is life.
1. Today kicked my butt at work. The only above and beyond "normal" was that my computer crashed. Like dead forever, erased hard drive. Including the 3 IEP's that I had just finished but had not printed. That are due next week so I have to rewrite them ASAP. Throw that on top of the usual Friday monkey business, assembly schedule, 3 paraeducators out, discipline issues, and WASL scheduling. It really almost pushed me over the edge.  Thank goodness for a supportive team, I couldn't have done it without help today.

2. I found out some exciting news that I can't share yet! I don't want to ruin their surprise. Keep checking Taylor and Rachelle's blog if you want to know, I'm sure they will post about it soon!  They are coming to visit over Memorial Day weekend and I can't wait to see them!

3.  My Poppy is in the hospital with heart troubles.  The doctor's have some ideas about how to help that they are going to try next Monday and Tuesday.  We are worried but are busy sending good thoughts and love his way!

4.  Lucy is so good at work.  No accidents, no crying.  Just lots of playing and visiting people on her breaks out of her crate.  Being forced to take my lunch break and play with her is good for me.  It's also nice to be forced to take a break at the end of the day and play for a bit and go talk to people about happy puppy instead of just work stuff.

5.  Radishes are ready to eat, peas need to be staked, garden weeded, and more squashes need to be put in the ground.  Our garden is going well, and we have plans to work outside this weekend.  Expect pictures.

6.  Andrew and Norm (the landlord's maintenance plus guy) added an outdoor portion to the chicken coop last weekend so that the chickens can go outside and not get munched.  So far they are still pissed and not laying but I'm hopeful.  We ran out of eggs and I had to buy more.  Yes, seriously.  After giving away eggs for weeks.  Ironic.

7.  I have 24 days left of work until summer.  Andrew has less.  Oh summer, I love you :)

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heather jane said...

This is a seriously adorable picture of you. I love it.

Make a paper chain with 24 links. I think it helps.

Here's a little prayer for your Poppy.

Thanks for the heads up on the gender announcement. I'm assuming.

Much love