Friday, May 14, 2010

Warm Animals

These are the last of the pictures from last weekend. Here's to another one just the same starting this afternoon!  Oh I am so ready for sun and no plans!
Whose picnic blanket is this anyways?
Warm enough for a swim!
Sometimes you need a break from the sun!
This is why it's hard to get pictures of her in action.
It's much easier when she is all tuckered out!
The chickens seem to be enjoying their safe outdoor space.  Now for some new bedding and good feed for them this weekend.  Maybe then they will start laying again!

1 comment:

Kira said...

I love all of these pictures so much! I am the worst gardener ever but I think I'm going to enlist some help to build some beds at my place in Glacier whenever I am allowed back there ;)

Have you taught Lucy the "wait" command yet? Hands down, best thing Murph has ever learned. We started with waiting for food at about 8 weeks, but he waits for whatever now (...ok...usually) including when he goes running ahead and wants us to catch up or I drop a tasty morsel on the kitchen floor and want to make sure it's dog safe before he does the hoover thing.