Thursday, June 17, 2010


Family is important to Andrew and I. Not just that we would like our own family one day, but it is important to us to be friends with our immediate family and extended family. Which, let me tell you, would not be possible without the internet. On my dad's side of the family I have around 30 cousins. Andrew has about the same on his dad's side of the family. And we have both have cousins on our mom's side of the family. And yes, we know all of their names and have hung out with all of them. And many of these cousins are married, have kids, and are spread across the country.

We love reading blogs, receiving emails, getting Christmas letters, and stalking people on facebook.  Without some of those amazing/obnoxious social communication tools, we wouldn't have the opportunity to know some of the wonderful people we are related to. Around Christmas time last year, I had this idea that wouldn't go away.  I wanted to start a blog all about the family members on my dad's side of the family.  I talked to this amazing cousin, who convinced me I wasn't nuts, and we came up with a plan that I thought I could organize.  And then, with the help of all of our family, we began executing the plan.  The end of this month marks 6 months of posts happening more than once a week.  There are posts every Sunday featuring a different grandchild.  And posts on every family member's birthday.  And posts whenever we can find out about an especially newsworthy event.  When I look back at what we have done, together, it makes me happy.  Mandi and I have a few more additions in the works (which usually means the ideas come to us in bulk, frequently in the middle of the night) and we are excited to add them.   I spent a few hours yesterday working on a small piece of those projects and on the next few months of posts.  Getting to know more about my family and seeing amazing pictures like this one below make it totally worth it! Thanks everyone, it really wouldn't be possible without everyone's participation!
How do you keep in touch with your extended family?
I wish I could get this going for all of my family....


Dana said...

You and all the contributers do such an amazing job! I'm sure that you spend a lot of hours working on it. I have enjoyed reading it so much. I love getting to know everyone better. I'm working on your new assignment...I'll probably be the first one :)
Thanks again!

Cheris said...

That's a great idea!!! We've tried to set up a family fourm for Paul's side of the family but it didn't kick off as well as we hoped. Maybe a blog would work better. I would love to hear how you got that going if you have time someday to email me. I LOVE that picture on your post. He is sure one cute kid!!!

Rebecca Johnson said...

I love your blog! I have not been to it forever and I am catching up. You guys are sooo cool! I love your cobb house dream too :) and of course that pic of Ez.