Monday, June 21, 2010

First Camping Trip

Friday, Saturday, and Sunday we went on our first camping trip of the summer. It was a relaxing, beautiful, entertaining, distracting, and funny trip. We went with two sisters, Winn and Mary, who are quite enjoyable to be with and make us laugh frequently. Thus the funny, entertaining, and distracting part of the trip.

Here is the run down:
Friday morning, we loaded our car very full and drove to Whidbey Island where we caught a ferry over to the Olympic Peninsula. We drove across the Peninsula over to the coast where we camped in the Mora Campground, right near Forks and La Push. We spent Friday afternoon walking around and enjoying the beach. We had the best weather of the trip that afternoon, with sun breaking out while we were on the beach. Delicious tin foil dinners and s'mores rounded off the evening!

Saturday, we drove about an hour and a little more to the rain forest. Which didn't look that different. And didn't allow dogs out of the campground or picnic areas because they are "natural enemies of all living things". We all looked at Lucy hiccuping next to us and laughed. Then we spent some time wandering around the picnic area and campground and saw some elk and deer and moss covered trees. Very exciting.  Then we got in our car and drove back to our own campground, where we lazed around the campground eating fancy bread, corn on the cob, fire baked salmon, and veggies. Oh and some more s'mores.

Sunday we watched some surfers on the beach at La Push and drove home. Stopping frequently for coffee and chip breaks. We felt quite exhausted by the time we got home. Wonderful trip!
We may have been looking at porpoises right at this moment.
Lucy does get a little bit overwhelmed with all of the attention.
Andrew loves this picture.  And I need a better caption.
Andrew and Winn got really into rock stacking.
Mary, Lucy, and I watched and slept.
Lucy did get cold sitting around camp in the evenings and wanted to either be in someone's lap (most preferable) or wrapped up in a blanket.
Andrew on fire duty.
Mary and Winn with this gem of a statue that we saw along side the road.
Lucy note:  She did great camping.  Slightly annoying that her rock eating habit got about 10 million times worse.  So far all of the rocks are passing through easily...but we are going to start implementing some different ideas because this has got to stop.  She slept on a blanket next to our air mattress in the tent, wrapped up in her blanket of course, and did really well.  Until it got light out and then she crawled into our sleeping bag.  Can't say I blame her as she was actually really cold.  Next camping trip, she is getting her own sleeping bag.  She was very happy to be home though!


Kimball Family said...

A dog sleeping bag? Do they make such things? :)

Kira said...

Murphy went through the rock eating phase too! We solved it with constance vigilance... which I guess really doesn't count as solving it. But luckily it was just a phase and he no longer eats rocks (now he eats stuff that's a lot grosser). Looks like Lucy did great camping! I can see her loving a sleeping bag. Murphy, on the other hand, likes to sleep sprawled against the tent edge for maximum coolness. I was worried about him when he was 5 months old and we camped in 20 degree weather at crater lake. I was cold, he was not. Funny dog, must be the golden retriever double coat!