Friday, June 25, 2010

Internet Inspiration

I have a love/hate relationship with the internet.  I hate that it can consume so much of my time if I'm not careful.  It's important to me to have time where I am away from it and am living my life with the things around me.  (I really don't write posts everyday, some of them are written ahead of time and scheduled for later).  But I love the connections that I am making and inspiration that I can find by reading about life outside of my normal activity.  I understand that blogs are written by everyday people who do not necessarily have any more experience than the next person, but I love reading about people's lives and what they are interested in.  I like hearing about their experiences and what they are doing in their part of the world.  I don't always believe everything they say as perfect truth, but often their experiences point me in a new direction of learning and researching.  So.....a post a week on something I am reading on the internet that inspires me. For future reference (your's and mine), these will be listed under a new tab at the top of the page called inspiration.

A Favorite Blog:
Design Mom
This blog is written by a mother of 6 who still manages to find time to look for new styles, cool books, toys, and clothes, great online finds, fun magazines, give decorating tips, and run fun series with birth stories from other moms.  I like this blog because it's not one thing all of the time.  Not all of the posts jump out and are super interesting to me, but there are many that do.  Having posts from Design Mom pop up on my blog reader keeps me thinking beyond the clothes that I see in my closest, my mismatched furniture, and my very routine life.  For instance, these Once a Year books really jumped out at me.  Thinking that I might like to make my own, but I never would have come up with the idea sitting here in my living room alone.  Love the inspiration!
Once a Year Books, as seen on Design Mom

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