Friday, June 4, 2010

Lucy Girl

Had her 12 week shots yesterday. Here is an update:
She weighs 22 lbs. The vet said she is the perfect weight. He also said that around 6 months she will super skinny. And everyone will ask us if we are feeding her enough. And not to get worried. So now you all can start getting prepared for that fun look :).

She knows come, sit, down, and wait (with an ok when she can get the treat) solidly. She knows them better with hand signs than just the words. She also knows off, stay close, and no.

We picked a food for her, Eagle Pack Giant Breed Formula. Choosing a dog food was hard. Great Danes tend to grow fast (really?) naturally. And if you feed them the wrong food you can encourage them to grow faster and they will have lots of health problems later because of it. The 12 week to 1 year time frame is the most important feeding time and if you mess it up, they ave issues for the rest of their life. With Great Danes you want to slow down their growth and stretch it out as long as you can. They will still get to their natural size, just not in a years time. Which is much healthier. So, after much research, Lucy will be on Eagle Pack puppy food for another month or two and then we will switch to the adult kind. They have a special formula for giant breeds that has the right protein and fat levels for their optimum growth rate.

She is getting better around the cats, but she still wants to play with them if they run. And they don't like to play with jumping and barking things. So that doesn't go over well. Someday we will just have to teach her to hold string in her mouth as she runs so that the cats will play with her.

Lucy is getting much better at potty training. She has had only one (very weird) accident in the past few weeks. We talked to the vet about it and he thinks it is partly due to the fact that she ate a bunch of dirt, and the minerals in the dirt made her have to pee really suddenly. Sure, I will take that excuse. She's getting pretty good though, sometimes she even goes to the door!

All in all, she is a pretty easy puppy and we are still glad that we got her!

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Kira said...

Aw! Lucy is so cute! You remind me so much of myself... People thought I was totally crazy with all the research I did on Murph's growth, food, exercise surfaces, etc... haha!

Maybe it is a bit crazy, but what is the harm in stacking the cards as much as possible in your favor?

With Murphy we did a slow growth plan, aiming for no more than 2lbs per week. Loosely based on this plan:

We actually switched him to adult food at about 13 weeks based on his breeder's recommendation.

And here is my comment on Lucy and the cats:

Maestro with Murph totally cornered

a few months later, sharing a deer antler

They'll work it out!!