Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Lucy Girl

She is 14 weeks old today
She weighs 26 or 27 lbs, hard to tell when I'm weighing her on my scale at home
She has grown a lot and has gangly long legs.  I'd prove it but it's hard to get a picture of her standing still.
She has found her voice and makes more noise now.  There is quite the variety, some talking, some sassing, some when she yawns or eats, and some to complain.
She loves other dogs, most people, and all kids.
She swam for the first time on Saturday, it was pretty good.

Things she struggles with:
Letting rocks stay on the ground and not in her belly.
Letting the counters exist without her paws on them.   The couches and kitchen table also struggle to exist without her huge feet.
Being in her crate when we are around and she can't see us.
Eating hair.  Yes, while it is still attached.

Things she is good at:
Being in her crate the rest of the time.
Still pretty good at sit, down, wait, stay close, and we have added twirl.  Pointless I know.
Snuggling on your lap.
Walking when it is a real brisk walk.
Eating Kongs.

She got sick again on Sunday and Monday.  Very bad diarrhea and lethargic, not a great appetite.  She was still eating and drinking some just didn't seem to be getting any better.  We took her to the vet when we took John for his shots on Monday.  The vet said it was probably something she ate (who fed her their BBQ on Saturday?) and prescribed a antibiotic and pepto-bismol.  Yes, that works on dogs too.  And she is good as new today.  Definitely think that eating things you're not supposed to belongs on the struggle list.

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Anonymous said...

Lucy is beautiful; enjoy her and all her antics. I had a Great Dane for 12 years. He was the best dog ever! Our countertops finally learned to live without dog feet, but the sofa never figured out how to be alone. :)