Saturday, June 26, 2010

Lucy not sleeping

In honor of the Saturday Blog hop, here are so not so great quality videos we took of Lucy this week. The first is a video of Lucy with a case of the zoomies, brought on by a new squeaky ball!

And Lucy showing off some of her tricks. Got any more suggestions? She is getting a little bored with these ones!

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Anonymous said...

Just hopping through from the blog hop. I was watching Lucy's video with the squeaky ball and Jordie, who is laying at my feet, perked up when the squeaking started and looked around. Guess he thought his sister was playing with one of his toys.

Felissa Hadas said...

Thanks for joining the blog hop. Lucy is adorable!

Felissa, Davinia, and Indiana

Kira said...

What about laying down from a stand? I wish we had worked on this more with Murphy when he was first learning because he still automatically assumes we'll ask him to "sit" first.

"Back up" has been really useful

"Crawl" (taught by dragging a treat along the floor just in front of his nose while he was laying down -- took some trial and error)

I would like to teach Murphy out to pick up certain things, like "fetch beer" or "fetch your leash" but I worry a bit what those might lead to!

If Lucy has a toy box maybe you could teach her to put away all her toys? I wanted to do this but this whole neck thing is making it hard!