Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Quick Takes

1. I am officially done teaching for the year!  I have finished all of my responsibilities and my room is all packed up.  I am heading in for a few hours tomorrow to help some of my colleagues in the Special Ed Department reconstruct new rooms.  Long story, but they got quite a bit more moving work than I did.  And I would want help, so I am going to help them.  But my job is done and it feels good.  It wasn't perfect, but I am very happy with the first year, I think I will do it again next year :)

2.  Andrew is done with his work and classes at Western.  He is working with Rainier Beach High School students today and tomorrow on a piece he arranged for them.  After their concert tomorrow night, he is down to just a few trumpet students for the summer.

3.  We are going camping on the Olympic Peninsula next Friday, Saturday, and Sunday.  Should be fun!  And the friends we are going with will do a good job of keeping us from dwelling too much on the one year anniversary of Josh's accident.

4.  Andrew went sailing in the San Juan's last Friday with the seniors in Western's Orchestra.  I found this picture on the camera today.
5.  The day after this picture, Saturday, was gorgeous.  We had a jammed packed day with a retirement brunch, BBQ at Birch Bay with the Bybees, meeting friends at Lake Padden, and a graduation BBQ.  I got very sunburned and we came home quite tired.

6.  I have lots of little projects that I want to work on.  I'm excited for the time and am having trouble deciding where to start.  More on those later!  For tonight...relax with the pup!

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