Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Quick Takes

1.  Need to do some cleanup in the garden.  Mostly picking peas, lettuce, radishes, and spinach, which is the best kind of work.  Also need to clean out the chicken coop, not so fun.

2.  Lucy had her first day of Puppy Kindergarten today.  It was much more work than Puppy Preschool but it was good.  Andrew and I both really like the trainer and she had some good ideas for Lucy's rockeating habit.  More on that later.

3.  We need to have a garage sale.  But our house is not set up for that.  Anyone want to buy a fishtank? 

4.  I have lots of things I want to share with you, they will be coming soon.  On the list is composting, strawberries, pepper plants, ducklings, a blog hop, andrew's tattoo, blogs that I like to read, oh this is a long list.

5.  I need to clean out the freezer for strawberry picking and jam making tomorrow.  Yippee!

6.  I need to go fold a mountainous pile of laundry.  Yes mountainous.  We just got back from camping.

7.  How did this turn into my to-do list?

1 comment:

hawsfam said...

I weeded my garden for over an hour today and I'm not even halfway done. Ugh. Why do I always think gardening = no work?