Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Quick Takes

1. Monday we went to a wedding for this lovely couple, both of whom we know from the Western Music Department.
They are perfect for each other, the wedding was beautiful and not overdone, the food was delicious, and there were lots of friends. Perfect wedding!

2.  We cleaned out the music/cat/office room.  Which was an undertaking.  We usually do this chore every summer as it includes sorting through the years paperwork, cleaning out old classwork, etc.  With Josh's death and moving last summer, we never got to it.  Two years worth of stuffing papers places.  It was amazing and feels much better now.  Next project up...the craft/spare bedroom!

3.  We have been doing a lot of this....
Which usually turns into some of this...

4.  We've got back to work on the dresser that we are refinishing, hope to wrap that project up soon and share some photos.

5.  Andrew has been busy teaching private trumpet lessons, wrapping things up at Western, filling out his application to student teach next winter, and finding us a rocket box so that we can camp and have Lucy.  That project has a little bit of a timeline called next Tuesday when we leave for our big trip.

6.  Baking, gardening, ducklings, and Andrew's senior recital posts to come soon.  Editing and uploading all that video is time consuming!

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