Monday, June 7, 2010


All once here is the update since last week. Starting with the good:

Beautiful day on Saturday! Perfect for tricking us into thinking it was summer. No pictures, but it was a perfect day. Breakfast with two favorite professors at a favorite breakfast diner. BBQ potluck and softball game at Lake Padden. BBQ and hanging out at our house with some friends. One of our close friend's senior recital and then dinner at Boundary Bay after. Delightful day all around.

Sunday...not so good. Lucy woke up at 445 am and was wired for the day. Our fault as we messed up her sleep schedule with the recital and late dinner the night before. I got up with her as Andrew had a morning church gig and then a recital to go to. She was up until 830 when we both went back to bed. Around 1130 we both got up again. She went to the door to go the bathroom (yes!), went out and went to the bathroom. Then she ran over in the bushes and inhaled a large mushroom. She looked up at me with it hanging from her mouth, stalk out, heard me say "Leave it", and inhaled it as fast as she could while she ran away. First time she has done that. I wasn't too worried until I went inside and googled poisonous mushrooms for dogs. There are a lot around here. Fatally poisonous ones. So I called the vet. Who told me that if I wait until she gets sick to see if it was poisonous, it is probably too late. That at that point, treatment is really expensive and doesn't usually work. My options were to bring her in and they would pump her stomach or I could induce vomiting at home. I chose to sit out on my deck in the pouring rain and cry while I gave my puppy 2 tablespoons of Hydrogen Peroxide and then watch her empty her stomach and cry for 20 minutes. After which, she laid on her bed and whimpered for about an hour. Followed by a ton of energy and absolutely no food or water for 4 hours. Doesn't sound so bad, but all of her training at this point relies on food motivation. And she was hungry. And it was pouring rain. Let's just say it was a very long, frustrating, scary, wet, and tiring day. Poststory: Lucy seems great, perfectly healthy and happy and normal today. And yes, there were large chunks of mushroom when she threw up. Who knows if they were poisonous or what would have happened.

Today is the start of my last full week of work before summer! Woohoo! 5 1/2 days left! And, drumroll please....I found out that I have a full-time, continuing contract as a SPED teacher in my district next year! It is the same thing that I am doing now, just with a continuing contract instead of a year by year like I am now. I had been verbally told that I would have a job for next year, but the official paperwork is nice. And the continuing contract is a very happy surprise!

A picture from this weekend, one of the few week took. This is a worn and hot Lucy and I laying on the living room floor.

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Kimball Family said...

I'm sorry about Lucy! That doesn't sound fun at all! I'm glad she's okay.