Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Building the Basics

This happened somewhat gradually, so I don't know if I have actually stated this, but Andrew and I have become slightly obsessed with being self-sufficient.  Not in an all at once, hide from the world sort of way.  More of a let's learn how to grow what we eat, preserve food for the whole year, and raise animals for our meat, dairy, eggs, and honey.  With some let's wait to build a house until we figure out ways to make it as efficient as possible.  And a little bit of if we really get the hang of this, maybe we could sell and trade some of our extra goods.  We know we have a long ways to go, but we are totally nerding out learning how to preserve food, garden, and take care of animals.  At night when we are bored, we slip into perusing Natural LivingHomesteading, Homing Instinct, or the Ball canning guide for the year.  And we have daydreaming conversations about all of the ways that we could exist without a grocery store.  It's not easy, we know that. We have spent many whole days gardening, cleaning, canning, building, freezing, and cleaning.  But we don't mind hard work.  Especially when it is work that we can do together and will directly benefit our existence.  I think that is our biggest motivation.  We like the idea of working for what we need to survive, instead of working for someone else and being disconnected from our needs.  I'm not making any promises for what we will actually end up achieving, but we are definitely obsessed with learning how to build the basics that we need to survive in life.

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Emily said...

That is so cool. My mom has always wanted to live like that...and the way things are going in the is very appealing.

Hard work is good for teh body and the mind. Keep it up...and keep telling us about soooo coool to see what you guys are up to.