Friday, July 30, 2010


We planted carrots way back in the beginning of our planting frenzy. Like end of April beginning of May.  They took forever to sprout and when they finally did, they weren't very thick, just sparse little patches. We pulled a few before we left on vacation and they were just tiny little roots with huge bushy green tops. Andrew wanted to tear them all out. He thought they were just a flop.  I convinced him that maybe if they got good watering while we were gone they would grow more. And they did! I will be honest, I agreed with him but I just hate to admit defeat.  They still aren't amazing, but they are definitely carrots. I think they needed more consistent watering from the beginning, and I think we should have planted them thicker and then thinned. But the rainbow colors we are getting are fun. We have a bunch more that we are pulling and eating. And we just planted some more for a fall crop so we can see if we have learned anything.  Yeah for more food from the garden!
Like my no make-up, dirty garden face?
Ignore the messy kitchen in the background, we are in a constant state of food prep and cleanup around here.


Brittany said...

wow! you look so thin in this pic! I love the carrots! ours aren't good at all. bitter

Kimball Family said...

You're getting way too energetic with all of this gardening stuff. Making me feel guilty. I think you should just take on canning and gardening for me as well. :)